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Reports And Charts That Come To Life.

Let's face it, sometimes reports, spreadsheets, and data can be boring. It doesn't have to be this way. With great page layouts, eye-catching graphics, and compelling images, we can create marking material worth reading.

No templates here. Just stunning original designs to elevate your business.

Areas of Support

General Reports

It can be a challenge to find the right balance between content and layout. I design attractive reports tailored to your audience. So you get high brand awareness and increased engagement.

Annual Reports

Great annual reports showcase your company's performance, goals, and achievements. Done well, they are also powerful marketing tools that communicate your identity, values, and impact.


The best inforgraphics grab your attention and don't let go! But they also need to help the reader understand and remember the content you want to convey. 

Marketing worth reading

image of central okanagan foundation annual report by redsand creative
image of blue earth renewables infographics by redsand creative
image of hattrick playbook by redsand creative
image of central okanagan vital signs report by redsand creative
red quotation marks on redsand creative reports and info graphic page

I've been working with Sandy for over 6 years. He has designed and created a wide variety of content for our company, including several reports. He always takes my initial ideas and responds with what I was envisioning - only better! I 100% recommend Sandy's graphic design services.
– Amanda Moffat, DB Perks & Associates Ltd.

Have no idea where to start? Get in touch with me and we will plot the course.

What's a Brand Manual and why do you need one?

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